10 Movies about the Arctic

There’s something about the Arctic that’s intriguing and fascinating that it provokes the wildest imagination of man. If you’re fascinated by the landscape and the struggles that humans have to endure in the Arctic, then here are the top 10 movies about the Arctic that you can watch.

Movies about the Arctic

1. Arctic (2018)

The Arctic is an Icelandic survival drama film that tells the story of Overgård, a pilot whose plane crashed in the Arctic. In this film, Mads Mikkelsen delivered his most outstanding performance to date as the main protagonist whose battle for human survival was heightened by human connection. The Arctic premiered in 2018 and is a must-watch movie to see what it means to survive in the very cold regions around the North Pole.

2. Against the Ice (2022)

Against the Ice is a historical survival film that recounts the expedition of Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen to northeastern Greenland to retrieve the findings of the Denmark expedition in 1908. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gave his performance as Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen who almost succumbed to madness in his long isolation in the frozen landscape of Arctic Greenland. Released in 2022, Against the Ice will allow you to trek the extreme conditions in the arctic without even stepping out of your doorstep.

3. How I Ended This Summer (2010)

In the Russian drama film How I Ended This Summer, two mismatched co-workers are tasked to persistently collect data for a Soviet weather station on a remote Arctic island. It stars Grigoriy Dobrygin as Pavel Danilov and Sergei Puskepalis as Sergei Gulybin who both received positive feedback from critics. The movie shows the stunning views surrounding the Valkarkay polar station while tackling the tensions between two characters on an isolated island.

4. Far North (2007)

In the subarctic region of Siberia, three characters Saiva played by Michelle Yeoh, Anja depicted by Michelle Krusiec, and Loki portrayed by Sean Bean found each other’s company amidst the harsh environment of the Arctic. But what seemed to be a romantic film ended in tragic horror with a sudden twist of events.

5. Nanook of the North (1922)

Nanook of the North is a silent docudrama film set in the Arctic region of Quebec’s Ungava Peninsula and was released in 1922. The film shows the day-to-day life of Nanook and his family through real footage that was then compiled to tell the story of the real people living in the Canadian Arctic.

6. The Island at the Top of the World (1974)

The Island at the Top of the World is an American fantasy adventure film that was released in 1974. It may be a classic but this movie definitely deserves a place on this list as it offers a unique Arctic adventure that everyone can enjoy. Sir Anthony Ross played by Donald Sinden embarks on a perilous journey aboard the Hyperion airship to search for his lost son Donald played by David Gwillim. If you’re looking for a fun movie about the Arctic, then this classic is something that you will absolutely enjoy.

7. Passage to Mars (2016)

Voiced by Zachary Quinto, Passage to Mars chronicles the 2,000-mile journey of a group of scientists and engineers from mainland North America to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago through Northwest Passage. The Northwest Passage Drive Expedition was designed to prepare the NASA crew for their first-ever journey to the Red Planet.

8. Arctic Void (2022)

Visual quality is one of the key drivers why movie fans are fascinated with movies about the Arctic which is something that the sci-fi thriller film Arctic Void delivers and more. The cast includes Michael Weaver as Ray Marsh, Tim Griffin as Alan Meursault, Justin Huen Sean Tibbets, and Rune Temte as Jim. When the tourists went missing one by one while on board an Arctic tourist vessel, the remaining passengers were forced to take refuge in the nearby island where they had to work together to survive the imminent danger.

9. Iceman (1984)

Timothy Hutton played Dr. Stanley Shephard, an anthropologist who was tasked to investigate the discovery of a Neanderthal man who has been frozen in the Arctic for over 40,000 years. As Shephard and his team thawed the man’s remains, the scientists attempted to revive the Neanderthal man and to everyone’s surprise, they succeeded in bringing him back to life. Iceman is an American sci-fi drama film that was released in 1984 and is a must-watch for those who like to watch more movies about the Arctic.

10. The Last Winter (2006)

The Last Winter is a compelling horror thriller set in the Arctic that was released in 2006. Ed Pollack portrayed by Ron Perlman is the head of the drilling base tasked to build an ice road that will allow oil exploration in the northern Arctic. As Pollack and his team continued the drilling, they imminently disturbed the land which resurrected a Wendigo, the main catalyst that willingly executed all the oil-seeking humans on its path.


In reality, surviving the unforgiving environment in this cold polar region is highly unlikely for most people. By watching the movies on our list, you can, fortunately, explore the vast and fascinating Arctic region right in the comfort of your own home.

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