10 Movies about Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is when people experience fluctuating moods, self-image issues, and unstable behavior. It is a condition that makes people do different things they cannot do when they are in their right minds. People suffering from BPD tend to struggle with maintaining healthy relationships. The condition can lead to depression, anger, and anxiety. They may also experience periods of self-destruction. Several movies revolve around these themes. They tend to touch on different issues that affect people. Watching the film is necessary because it will explore different problems people face. Here are some of the films about BPD:

Movies About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

1. Frances

Based on a true story. Jessica Lange acts as a Frances farmer and a television host. She also worked as an actress in the 1930s but struggled with BPD. Her career suffers because of the symptoms of mental illness. People tend to struggle with life because of their mental illnesses. The movie explores the different struggles that people go through as they try to cope with their mental illnesses.

2. Rachel Getting Married

It features Anne Hathway, a woman released from a drug rehab center to attend his sister’s wedding.

She finds it hard to integrate with the family. Things do not go well because she is discovered to have been involved in the murder of her young brother. There are several symptoms of BPD that are explained in the film. It tends to cover different aspects of life that tend to affect people as they engage in different issues related to mental illnesses.

3. Girl, Interrupted

It is among the most popular movies about BPD. The movie revolves around Winona Ryder, who is hospitalized. The diagnosis shows that she has a borderline personality disorder. She ends up attempting suicide. The different treatments she is exposed to tend to give her episodes of self-destruction. People suffering from mental illnesses tend to face several challenges in life. The movie explores the different issues that people face as they look forward to overcoming the challenges in their lives.

4. Margot At the Wedding

It features Nicole Kidman, who is self-absorbed. The issue of borderline personality disorder is widely explored in the movie. Margot spends time with her close sister, who is about to get married. She starts coming up with chaotic episodes that prove that she is not happy with the choice of her sister’s husband. The different steps taken in the movie tend to explain the issue of BPD clearly.

5. One-Hour Photo

It involves Sy Parrish, who runs a one-hour photo-developing lab. The lab is located in a small mall. Parrish is a perfectionist and would like to treat her clients with respect. One of his clients is a family man known as will. She ends up in a mental state and acts uncontrollably when she discovers that Will is about to marry.

6. Prozac Nation

It is focused on the chaotic and troubled life of Elizabeth. Issues of addiction and mental disorders are explored in the film. It features Christina, the first woman at hazard to struggle with substance abuse, depression, and self-image issues. There are a lot of struggles she goes through as she tries to confront her mental state.

7. Thirteen

It is a graphic drama involving teenage girls from dysfunctional families. Tracy is introduced to crime, sex, drugs, and self-harm. People who have mental issues tend to suffer from several health complications. The movie explores the different issues that people go through as they struggle with life.

8. Fatal Attraction

The movie involves actress Glen Close who plays the lead character. She has a one-night fling involving a married man named Dan Gallagher. Gallagher tries to end their short-lived affair by Forest starts exhibiting signs of BPD. She faces depression, self-image issues, anxiety, and violent behaviors, among other issues.

9. Silver Linings Playbook

It features Pat Solitano, a man with a mental disorder. She has bipolar disorder, and she has been released from a hospital. They are in a relationship with Pat, but things are not working well because they are suffering from mental disorder issues.

10. Monster

It focuses on the real-life of Aileen Wournos, a former prostitute. She was diagnosed with BPD. Her case involves the murder of seven men from the 1989s to the 190s. She was among the well-known female serial killers.


The movies about BPD tend to explain different mental issues that victims face. They are perfect for learning more about mental health condition.

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