7 Movies about Bullying

Bullying is a topic that has been considered for years. With more and more recorded cases of bullying, people are finally starting to take the issue more seriously. Here are ten movies about bullying in which people from across the world in different walks of life have experienced this horrible phenomenon first hand.

Movies about bullying

1. It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

This movie takes place at a mental hospital where one teenager is admitted for depression and anxiety after his friend commits suicide. The protagonist, an aspiring cartoonist drawn into a bizarre conundrum that pits his efforts against those of his captors who deem him an inappropriate target as well as them threatening to kill him if he doesn’t comply with their demands. This movie brings to light the many facets of bullying and the effects it can have on everyone involved.

2. Bad Education

Ignacio has just turned 18, he is handsome, athletic, intelligent and charming. He is an exemplary student in his private Catholic school. His looks and charisma only hint at the real reasons for his popularity with his classmates and also why someone wants him dead. This movie is about a wealthy student who has a hard time dealing with being bullied by other students in school because of family problems.

3. She’s The Man

The movie follows two best friends, Tina and Wendy, as they compete for the affections of the same boy, Josh. While Tina is a confident, popular girl who is admired by many and never needs anyone; Wendy is a shy girl who has a very insecure self-worth. While Tina lives for popularity and achievement, Wendy fears that she will not fit in or be accepted. This movie shows how two girls are very different in their approach to the same boy but all share several things in common.

4. The Long Walk Home

At this time in America’s history, everyone was finding their place in society. Unfortunately, during this difficult time there were those who desired to disrupt social order with violence and hate. This movie follows the story of a black maid and her white employer living in midtown Manhattan during the 1960s. The story takes place after the maid’s white employer is killed in an act of racially based violence. This movie shows how one African American girl had to go through much due to her background.

5. Black Snake Moan

The story follows a country musician who returns home from prison where he was framed for murder. His family life has changed a lot since the day he went away. He receives a phone call telling him that his daughter is getting married to a man who is nothing like her father, so he decides to take matters into his own hand and fight back against this marriage. This movie shows how circumstances play on hate and lead people down very dark paths in life.

6. School Ties

The movie follows a Jewish high school student in 1940s America who joins the college wrestling team to prove that Jews can be just as good, if not better than the WASPs. The boy faces much discrimination during his time in college and experiences bullying from people of other races.

7. Ordinary People

This movie follows the life of a young man who loses both his parents in a boating accident. This tragic event greatly affects him as he goes through depression and tries to commit suicide after attending a psychiatric treatment center for several weeks. This movie shows how one bad experience can affect someone’s life for many years to come.


These are just some of the movies that show different forms of bullying and how they can affect people out there. Next time you get bullied by someone, think about these movies and try to find ways to deal with such an issue.

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