10 Movies about Cannibalism

If you have nothing to eat, will you even consider eating the person next to you? That is what cannibalism movies are all about and here are a few good movies about cannibalism:

Movies about Cannibalism

1. Inferno

Ana de Armas stars in this movie where a group’s plane crashes and they stumble upon natives who hold them captive. Unfortunately for them, they are planning to have them as their next meal. The movie is pretty gory so it is not for those who would easily faint with the sight of bodies being torn apart.

2. Fresh

A woman whose dating life is spiralling downwards tries her luck with a man she meets at a supermarket. It does not go well for her when it turns out the man plans to sell her meat along with other women that he held captive. While the movie is a bit funny, it actually has that dance sequence we have all been waiting for between the two leads.

3. Hannibal

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is one of the genre’s most iconic baddies. Once he is let out of prison, you can pretty much conclude he would go back to his cannibalistic ways. That scene when he had a man eating his own brain will stick in your mind for a while. Anthony Hopkins does an excellent job playing the lead.

4. Cannibal Holocaust

Some would say this is actually the first good cannibal movie as it involves a crew looking to interview a tribe. Unfortunately, the group looks to have to kill and eat them.

5. Wrong Turn

It is one of those old horror movie premises that never gets old. A group of friends end up making a wrong turn that lead to them trying to survive against a group of cannibals. This movie is pretty gory so you better watch out who you watch it with. As a matter of fact, its sequel opened up with one of the goriest scenes you will ever see. If that does not pave the way for the movie’s awesomeness then I don’t know what will.

6. Sweeney Todd

Johnny Deep in his prime as a cannibal barber always sounds music to the ears. Helena Bonham Carter in a supporting role is almost icing on the cake in this musical. You can’t help but check this out.

7. The Farm

A group of friends wander a bit too far than what they were expecting and they eventually stumble upon a farm. This is not your ordinary farm though as it looks like they are farming humans and not animals. The final scene when the two final girls are their dinner is one that will stick in your mind for a while.

8. The Hills Have Eyes

Surely, horror legend Wes Craven should be on this list. This classic inspired a remake and a bunch of sequels but none are as good as the original. The ending will send chills down your spine. It involves a family doing a cross-country road trip but they run into a family of cannibals. It is safe to say their plans have horribly changed.

9. Eaten Alive

This 1980 movie focuses on a group going from the city to the woods in order to investigate a tribe. What they discover made them regret going there. Most people don’t know Tobe Hooper also directed this movie.

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It is such a classic horror movie that there are several remakes. In fact, lead villain Leatherface is one of the most popular horror villains to ever step foot in the big screen. The movie is about a cannibalistic family who tortures and eats people who come near them. Up to this day, you are going to fear Leatherface when you hear the sound of a chainsaw. The ending is one of those anti-climatic moments that will leave you speechless.


Be sure to not have a full stomach when watching the above movies about cannibalism. They’re a bit funny but they touch on some subjects. Many horror legends were involved with the making of unforgettable cannibal movies. It is evident they wanted to make their mark in the industry which is actually hard to accomplish but they eventually did.

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