10 Movies about Concentration Camps

Much has been said about world war two. It was a defining moment in the history of humanity, an event that created so many forks in the road that no one could have foreseen how it ended. While the battles themselves are a topic of great discussion, the horrors of the concentration camps are not discussed to the magnitude that such places demand. This list of movies about concentration camps aims to change that.

The following list of movies about concentration camps will focus on some heavy subject matter but it is necessary to keep in mind the worst that humanity is capable off, if we are to avoid it from happening again.

Movies about Concentration Camps

1. Life is Beautiful

This comedy-drama romance does everything it can to show you that life is actually not beautiful. A depressing tale that stars Roberto Benigni as Guido, a Jewish waiter that tries his hardest to shield his son from the realities of their concentration camp. The film does its best to be comedic but the subject matter does not lend itself to that goal.

2. The Boy in The Striped Pajamas

A drama war film that stars Asa Butterfield as the main character Bruno and the role of Father is played by David Thewlis. Bruno is the eight-year-old son of a German commander stationed at a concentration camp. Things quickly complicate themselves when Bruno strikes up a friendship with one of the Jewish prisoners.

3. Bent

Set in early 1930s Berlin and revolving around the story of a gay Jew that is sent to a concentration camp. There he faces the horror and reality of his sinister new world. Lothaire Bluteau plays the role of Horst to great emotional depth and he is joined by Clive Owen as fellow prisoner Max.

4. Son of Saul

A drama war film that centers around a Jewish-Hungarian prisoner that sets out to provide a young boy, that he mistook for his son, a proper burial. Geza Rohrig blew audiences away with his portrayal of Saul, in this emotional raw feature about love, lost, and Nazis.

5. The Diary of Anne Frank

A biographical drama that is a direct adaptation of the book. A teenage Jewish girl and her family are forced into hiding in a Nazi-controlled Netherlands. Starring Millie Perkins as Anne Frank, this film does the book great justice in its portrayal of a young girl wondering about life and her future.

6. The Grey Zone

A drama historical war film that changes things up by having the main character be a Nazi doctor. David Arquette is Hoffman, a prisoner that is sent to the concentration camp’s crematorium in order to set fire to his fellow Jews. This leads to a moral dilemma for Hoffman, is it right to do whatever it takes to live?

7. The Day The Clown Cried

A drama about an imprisoned circus clown that is imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp and is sentenced to death alongside Jewish children. Jerry Lewis both stars and directs the film, playing the role of Doork, Helmut Doork. Harriet Anderson plays the role of Ada Doork. This film expertly portrays the feeling of dread that many prisoners felt during this time.

8. The Photographer of Mauthausen

A biographical drama that is based on true events and sees Mario Casas starring as our main character Boix. A Spanish inmate of the Mathausen concentration camp in Austria tries to record and save evidence of the gruesome torture taking place.

9. Schindler’s list

Liam Neeson is back and this time he is playing the role of Oskar Schindler in this biographical drama that is three hours long. Set in a German-controlled Poland, Businessman Oskar becomes concerned for his Jewish employees as they are hunted by the Nazis. Co-staring Ralph Fineenes as Amon.

10. Kapo

A drama war film that will have you biting your nails. A young Jewish girl must race against time and lead an escape attempt from a concentration camp. If she fails, a fate worse than death will surely follow. Starring Susan Strasberg as Edith, our main character. A film that showcases the desperation of the prisoners.


The movies about concentration camps listed above will show you everything that there is to see in said places. Viewer discretion is greatly advised with such heavy themes and subject matter.

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