10 Movies about Cooking

Cooking can be tedious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Cooking movies can teach viewers various cooking techniques and how to cook different types of dishes. Some of the films below are light-hearted, while others are more serious. Regardless of the tone, these ten movies are sure to appeal to fans of food and cooking.

Movies About Cooking

1. Ratatouille (2007)

Movies about cooking are popular, and Ratatouille is no exception. Released in 2007, the film tells the story of Gusteau’s Restaurant, run by a rat named Remy. Remy is a talented rat who controls a cook, Alfredo Linguini, who has to compete with other Paris restaurants for wealthy customers’ attention. Along the way, he makes friends and learns about cooking from his mentor, Anton Ego. The movie features an eclectic mix of food items cooked by Remy and scenes from his adventures at Gusteau’s. It is a fun movie to watch if you’re into cooking or want to see something interesting.

2. No Reservations (2007)

No Reservations is a 2007 film about Master chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones). The film follows her as she runs her life and kitchen with intimidating intensity, despite the challenges that come with her profession. Her passion for food is evident in every dish she prepares and her dedication to excellence. In No Reservations, we follow Kate as she deals with personal and professional challenges while continuing to cook some of the most delicious food in the world.

When the newest kitchen staff member, sous-chef Aaron Eckhart, sparks fly, and these two learn to work together. But it is their passionate connection to cooking that eventually brings them closer. In the end, their love for food triumphs over all other conflicts.

3. Julie & Julia (2009)

Bestselling cookbook authors Julie Powell and Julia Child have legions of fans, so it was only a matter of time until someone turned their adventures into a movie. And that’s just what happened with “Julie & Julia.” The film tells the story of Powell and Child as they embark on a yearlong 524 recipes cooking challenge, starting from scratch in each other’s kitchens. Along the way, they share recipes and experiences and even argue about whose methods are better. The result is an entertaining and informative film that will make you want to create your cookbook collection.

4. The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

Hassan Kadam is an extraordinary talent and largely self-taught culinary novice who has spent several years of his life cooking in some of the most renowned kitchens in Europe. So when he decides to open his Indian eatery in a quaint French village, he quickly becomes one of the town’s most famous residents. However, when he falls for Madame Mallory, where her restaurant is just a hundred meters away, Hassan must decide whether to stick to his principles or bend them to be with her. The Hundred-Foot Journey is an engaging and beautifully filmed movie about love, passion, and determination. In addition, it’s an excellent film about cooking, depicting the intricate process of creating delicious Indian food and food culture.

5. Soul Food (1997)

Soul Food (1997) is a movie about cooking. It tells the story of Ahmad Simmons, who has a diabetic grandmother, Josephine “Big Mama” Joseph (Irma P. Hall). Josephine is in a lot of pain, and Ahmad does his best to take care of her. One day, Ahmad’s mother brings home some food Josephine had cooked. Ahmad’s grandmother is very impressed, and she starts to teach him how to cook Soul Food. Ahmad and his grandmother become close, and he eventually learns how to make her favorite dishes.

The film tells the story of three sisters who work together to keep their family’s soul food restaurant afloat after their father dies. The sisters are determined to honor their father’s legacy and keep the restaurant stocked with delicious dishes despite economic challenges. Soul Food was well-received by critics, who praised its character development and storytelling.

6. The Founder (2016)

The Founder (2016) opens with Kroc (Michael Keaton) working as a struggling salesman. He’s disappointed and ready for something new in his life, so he takes a chance and joins McDonald’s as its first employee. It wasn’t an easy sell – Kroc had to show the skeptical executives at McDonald’s just how successful he could make their fledgling business – but eventually, they agreed to give him a shot. Hence, the Founder, which tells the story of Ray Kroc and his battle to build the world’s most popular fast-food chain, falls into that category. Whether you’re a fan of burgers or not, there’s something in The Founder for everyone who enjoys a good meal.

7. Burnt (2015)

Bradley Cooper stars in Burnt, a movie about a chef trying to redeem himself and his restaurant when he destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior. The film is set in a Michelin three-star restaurant striving for three Michelin Stars led by the Chef (Cooper). The Chef is struggling and has lost face with his staff and patrons; however, in the end, he manages to save the restaurant and regain his reputation.

8. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

In Jiro Dreams of Sushi, directed by David Gelb and based on the life of sushi master Jiro Ono, an aging restaurateur (played by a mesmerizing Yojiro Noda), travels to Tokyo to open his sushi restaurant. Along the way, he teaches tirelessly to apprentice chefs as he strives for perfection in his art. This soulful film celebrates Japanese cuisine and gives a fascinating glimpse into one man’s dedication to his craft.

9. The Trip To Italy (2014)

Cooking movies are a popular genre, and The Trip to Italy is no exception. This movie follows the story of two friends on a trip to Italy. They travel from city to city, learning about the different types of food each region has to offer. Along the way, they also learn about cooking and explore some of the country’s best restaurants. The Trip to Italy is an enjoyable movie that will teach about Italian food and cuisine.

10. Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)

In Eat Drink Man Woman (1994), Chung Lung plays the role of Master Chef Chu, a semi-retired man who lives at home with his three unmarried daughters. Ji is the headstrong eldest daughter and constantly challenges her father to new culinary challenges. The film follows the daily routine at a family’s home that cooks an elaborate dinner every Sunday. Each character has a unique way of preparing the meal; watching them interact is amusing. Aside from the comedic moments, this movie is also educative, teaching viewers about different types of cuisine and how to prepare them properly. It’s a delightful movie that’s sure to please those who enjoy watching food preparations go smoothly.


In conclusion, these ten movies about cooking provide inspiration and entertainment for everyone who loves to cook. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, these movies will help you learn new techniques and make delicious meals. So go ahead—put on one of these films and work in the kitchen!

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