6 Movies about Dogs

A dog is one of the most popular animals and has been for centuries. While human beings have been fascinated with them for ages, it’s only recently that the dog has become a celebrated actor on screen. It’s no surprise that many films about these friends make people’s lives a little more pleasant and brighter. Here are top 10 best films about dogs

Movies about Dogs

1. Beethoven (1992)

This movie is about how a St. Bernard dog named Beethoven ends up saving the day for his owner, George Newton, who is an out-of-work musician living in Seattle and trying to care for himself after losing his girlfriend to another man. The dog’s rescue mission came when he could wake Georgie up from a nightmare by barking at him and causing him to run out of the house in fright, thus saving him from being accidentally killed by a shotgun-wielding burglar they had both been dreaming of.

2. The Incredible Journey (1963)

This movie is about a pet dog named Dusty and a cat named Tiger, who embark on an adventure to find their master after becoming lost while on a trip up north. They travel through the cold forests of Mount Rainier to find their way back home. They encounter many different obstacles and adversities along the way. Although they were looking for their master, they learned how to care for themselves instead of relying on humans.

3. Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale (2009, Lasse Hallström)

This is a film from Lasse Hallström, directed by Lasse Hallström. The film tells the story of a college professor and his wife who find an abandoned dog at a train station. They take the dog home and decide to keep him as their pet. While it looks like a hachi-chan, the dog is a Siberian husky. Hatchi soon bonds with the professor’s wife and becomes her most trusted companion when she deals with an illness. The dog stars in this film as a follower, a soulmate, and a friend.

4. Lassie (2005, Charles Sturridge)

This is a British film from Charles Sturridge, directed by Charles Sturridge. The film highlights about a young boy who discovers a dog in a crashed plane on his family’s farm. The dog saves the boy’s life multiple times, becoming extremely close. In addition to its wonderful plot, this movie shows viewers how important dogs are in the lives of people everywhere. It also shows that dogs have an extraordinary power that only they can use: the power of hope and faith expressed through their eyes as they look back at their owners in desperate times.

5. Eight Below (2006)

This is a true story about an expedition into Antarctica led by a professional dog-sled racer Jerry Shepherd, and his two Siberian Huskies, Chinook, and Nugget, to win the sled-dog championship means he has to be back at his starting point within eight days after beginning his trip. Things get much harder than expected when their plane crashes into the ice, stranding them with no heat or communication, so they must depend on their dogs (and each other) for survival.

6. Benji (2018)

This story is about a German Shepherd named Benji who is trained by the police and put to work protecting this town’s rich and famous residents, but he eventually proves that he knows more than just how to bark when it comes to being a friend. He helps save a little boy’s life after his bicycle goes off the road into the river, allowing him to capture the killer at last.


Dogs are wonderful creatures that have been our companions for centuries. They make the world better if they are being bred for beauty, intelligence, or loyalty. If you love watching movies about dogs, you will realize several of them are available for you to watch. Some of these movies will make you laugh, and some will make you cry.

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