10 Movies about Dolphins

Dolphins are adorable sea mammals that are friendly and intelligent. These creatures are the star of every aquarium show all over the world. They effectively communicate with the sounds they make and through their actions. Due to their ability to be close to humans, movies about dolphins are a popular theme. Check out the list below for films that feature these awesome creatures.

Movies about Dolphins

1. Dolphin Tale (2011)

Dolphin Tale is a drama film based on a true story about the friendship between a child and a dolphin. Nathan Gamble plays the introverted boy Sawyer Nelson who befriends an injured dolphin named Winter. The two met in Clearwater Marine Hospital, where Winter gets treatment for an injured tail. Will the dolphin fully recover to its top form?

2. The Cove (2009)

The Cove is a documentary film about the life of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. This production exposes the dark secret of the fishing community in this locality. They are capturing and killing these defenseless dolphins. Ric O’Barry, a dolphin trainer and activist, teams up with director Louie Psihoyos to expose the truth.

3. Flipper (1996)

Flipper is an adventure family film about a teenager dealing with his parent’s divorce. Elijah Wood plays Sandy Ricks, who visits his uncle living in the Florida Keys. During his vacation, Sandy befriends a dolphin named Flipper. Flipper is suddenly placed in danger when the sea becomes contaminated with toxins. It is up to Sandy and his friends to help the sea mammal out.

4. Beneath the Blue (2010)

Beneath the Blue is a drama film about a dolphin researcher named Alyssa Hawk, portrayed by Caitlin Wachs. The story begins when researchers are studying the cause of dolphin deaths. They suspect that it is related to the US Navy Sonar system. Are the suspicions correct? And will Alyssa manage to find out the truth unharmed?

5. Zeus and Roxanne (1997)

Zeus and Roxanne is a comedy-adventure film about the friendship between a dog and a dolphin. Zeus, a scruffy dog, gets fascinated with the movement of Roxanne, a dolphin under the study of a marine biologist. The two get close, same as their human companions begin to like each other.

6. Dolphin Reef (2019)

Dolphin Reef is a nature documentary movie that people of all ages can enjoy. Natalie Portman graced the movie by lending her voice as a narrator. It tells the story of Echo, a young bottlenose dolphin. Echo is guided by his mother Kumu to adulthood. However, Echo is not yet ready to be independent. But for how long can he escape it?

7. Snowball (1995)

Snowball is an adventure comedy film about an albino dolphin with black teeth. Snowball accidentally swallows the pension book of Billy Bolla. Billy, played by Paolo Villagio, hires a guide to find Snowball. He ends up involved in a fight to save Snowball from people threatening his life.

8. Bernie The Dolphin (2018)

Bernie The Dolphin is an adventure drama film about two siblings rescuing a sunburned dolphin. The duo Holly and Kevin Ryan, played by Lola Sultan and Logan Allen, aids the injured sea mammal to health and find its way home. Can they help him reunite with his family?

9. Dolphin Island (2021)

Dolphin Island is a drama film about an orphaned girl living with her fisherman grandfather. Annabel, played by Tyler Jade Nixon, has a close friend, a dolphin named Mitzy. The movie explores how deep the bond between humans and dolphins can be. Even in life and death, they will be there for each other.

10. A Ring of Endless Light (2002)

A Ring of Endless Light is a drama movie about Vicky Austin, portrayed by Mischa Barton. Vicky was saddened by her grandfather’s ailment. She finds comfort in a group of dolphins and explores her natural talents to pull herself together. Can Vicky figure out what she wants in life and pursue it? Or will she be caught up with what others want her to be?


Movies about dolphins have various themes that vary from adventure, drama, comedy, and sometimes romantic. These sea creatures are delightful to watch. Their enthusiasm and natural beauty are unparalleled. It is the reason the film industry loves them.

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