7 Movies about Egyptian Mythology

There are many movies about Egyptian mythology. Many of them show the limitations of filmmaking and storytelling, but some are worth watching. They can offer a fantastic and enlightening view of many Egyptian themes.

Movies about Egyptian Mythology

1. Exodus: Gods and Kings

This movie is about the Moses story and the Egyptian exodus. It was directed by Ridley Scott and written by Steven Zaillian. Christian Bale plays Moses, while Joel Edgerton plays the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses, who Moses has to confront. The film was intended to be a big-budget production with big-name actors and actresses in it. It had a budget of $140 million and was filmed in 3D with 3D effects that make it look like reality instead of a fantasy film set in Ancient Egypt.

2. Appointment with Fear

This movie was made in the 80s and followed the life of Joshua Kincaid, who is a paranormal investigator. The director started the movie, making it with a supernatural slant that became less supernatural as it went on until it had only an act of nature for its cause. The story follows his troubles with his wife, who is having imaginary conversations with her dead sister.

3. Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy

This is a horror film about a demon named Gebel and his curses on the city of Thebes. The movie is based on an epic poem by the same name and was written in the early 19th century by Frenchman Auguste Mariette. The film’s production was the first shot in Ancient Egypt, which was a challenge for the cast and crew. The movie had many problems when filming, including not having enough money or time to film. It had to be filmed in two places at once because they could not afford to go to Egypt or London at that time. The actors had to be makeup effects people, who, over time, had to do each other’s makeup as well.

4. 10,000 BC

This movie is an adventure story set in Ancient Egypt where a caveman named Conner learns to be a warrior and is then captured by a tribe of Neanderthals. He is kept prisoner for five years until he finds out that he has a special power, which can make him invisible. He escapes and meets up with the tribe’s leader and falls in love with their goddess.

5. Stargate

Stargate is about an Egyptian archaeologist that travels through a wormhole, which connects Ancient Egypt to modern-day planet Earth. The movie became popular because of its great special effects and the use of Egyptian hieroglyphs in one scene. It stars Kurt Russell, who is from many different films such as Escape from New York (1981) and Fast & Furious (2009), while James Spader is also known for his roles in Under Siege(1992).

6. Sands of Oblivion

Sands of Oblivion is about a group of archaeologists that are stuck in the middle of a desert. The main character, Simon, is being chased by an ancient evil named Balthazar. He has to get his uncle and his uncle’s assistant out of this desert in order to stop Balthazar from killing them all.

7. Riddles of the Sphynx

This movie was made in 2008 and is about an archaeologist that travels to the Island of Crete. There, she discovers some information about an Ancient Egyptian princess named Nefertiri. The archaeologist had been having visions about a child heir of Nefertiri, and this led her on a quest to find the child.


Much of the information and images on this list are not true, but they are still fun to watch. Some of the movies include some great special effects, while others include a lot of bad special effects. Anyone who loves Ancient Egypt history also loves movies that are set in Ancient Egypt as well.

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