10 Movies about Elvis

Elvis is still considered one of the most influential figures in music history and this article has helped make sense of why that may be true. These movies should give you a better understanding of his life as well as some of the struggles that he had to overcome.

Movies about Elvis

1. Bubba Ho-Tep

In this film, a slightly demented version of Elvis is living in an apartment full of bottled zombies under a bridge outside New York City. One night, a man breaks into his room to shoot him. The next day, Elvis wakes up to discover that he has been stabbed. As he leaves the bridge, Elvis encounters a mummy who is in search of his lost love. He befriends him, and they set out on an adventure to find her.

2. Finding Graceland

In the early 1980s, Nicholas Cage plays David Wood (later known as Johnny Cash). He is an aspiring songwriter with big dreams. One day he meets Cash, who helps him grow as a person and helps bring out his musical talent. This film shows how these two different people helped each other out in their lives.

3. Heartbreak Hotel

This film portrays the time when Elvis was getting started in the music business. It shows his drive and determination to be successful and create his own style of music. After returning from service in the army, he is determined to make it big. He meets a few different people along the way that help him on his journey, including an old musician who he gives a life-saving blood transfusion.

4. Elvis and Me

This documentary tells of how Priscilla Presley met Elvis when she was a very young girl and how she got to know him on a more personal level later in life. Priscilla and her twin, who is named after her father, are taken to the Fairgrounds in Memphis, where they meet Elvis. He offers them a tour of the place, and they fall in love with him instantly.

5. This is Elvis

In this musical biopic, Priscilla Presley plays herself and narrates the story from when she met Elvis as a young girl to their brief marriage and divorce. She talks about how difficult it was to be married to someone that famous until Elvis left for the army. The title comes from the very first time she met him.

6. 3,000 Miles to Graceland

This film depicts Elvis’s life as it might have been if he were still alive today. He lives a double life, one as a rock star and the other as an FBI agent who is searching for the people who murdered his father. The FBI agent has no idea that the rock star is really him. However, he recognizes them from a picture and gets closer and closer until he discovers the truth about his identity.

7. True Romance

In this film, Christian Slater plays Elvis Presley. He meets Patricia Arquette (the mother of Elvis’s child) after his mother dies. They get married, have a child, and eventually divorce. They have a strained relationship until Patricia falls in love with Elvis, but he is married to Ginger Alden (Cameron Diaz).

8. Love me Tender

This film shows Elvis’s final years of life when he is looking for a woman to complete his life. He tries to find the love of his life, which leads him to Diane Lane and her daughter, who are in prison. He adopts them both and asks her to be his wife. However, she refuses because she knows that it would ruin her daughter’s image as the perfect little girl that has never done wrong in her life.

9. Jailhouse Rock

This film portrays Elvis’s music career and his life as he tours Europe after the army. He meets some of Germany’s biggest stars and takes them on tour. This film shows how Elvis changed the way people would look at music, transforming it from country to rock.

10. Flaming Star

This film is about Elvis as a teen who is in love with a pregnant girl named Peaches (played by Christina Milian). They get together, and she tells him that he is going to be a father before she dies of cancer. He then tries to find out who is his real father, but he can’t remember one specific day.


These films all portray a different side of the life and career of Elvis Presley. They show his drive and determination to be successful, and they really show how great a man he was.

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