10 Movies about Faith in God

Demand for movies about faith in god has been steadily increasing in the US since the 2004 release of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”. Why are people drawn to these types of movies? It’s hard to say for sure, but in a world that is increasingly chaotic and uncertain (even pre-Pandemic), it may be that people (religious and non-religious) are looking for a source of hope and inspiration.

Movies about Faith in God

If your spirit is jaded and could do with some uplifting, check out our fav motivational faith-based movies below. Some of these are recent releases but also a few golden oldies we watch again and again.

1. Redeeming Love

Adapted from Francine River’s popular novel and set during the American Gold Rush in mid 1800’s, this powerful romance (2022) focuses on the healing ability of redemptive love. Angel (Abigail Cowan), cast into a life of prostitution at a young age, has experienced nothing but betrayal and abuse in her lifetime. This changes when she meets Michael (Tom Lewis), who shows her gentleness and the true meaning of unconditional love. Angel’s demons continue to haunt her even after marriage but Michael’s goodness wins her heart in the end.

2. All Together Now

3. I Still Believe

The film (2020) is an adaptation of the true story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp. The film chronicles Camp’s (KJ Apa) journey of love and the loss of his wife Melissa (Britt Roberstson) to cancer shortly after their wedding. A narrative of faith and doubt, and ultimately, hope. “I Still Believe” is a powerful reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we can still choose to believe.

4. God Bless the Broken Road

In “God Bless the Broken Road,” (2018) director Harold Cronk tells the story of a young mother, Amber (Lindsay Pulsipher), who is struggling to support her family after her husband is killed in Afghanistan. The film follows her as she tries to find her way forward and ultimately learns that she can’t do it alone. The film is a moving and inspirational story about grief, loss, and ultimately, hope.

5. The Unbreakable Boy

The Unbreakable Boy is an American superhero film (2022) based on the comic book series of the same name by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu. An autistic boy, Austin (Jacob Laval), with a brittle bone disease, inspires all who come into contact with him due to his resilience and optimism in the face of unrelenting adversity. .

6. Mary Magdalene

The film (2018) is a biographical drama about the life of Mary Magdalene, a woman who was a close follower of Jesus Christ. The film covers Mary’s (Rooney Mara) life from her childhood through to the crucifixion of Christ and her role in the founding of the early Christian church. Despite its historical setting, the film has a modern sensibility and is relevant to contemporary audiences.

7. Good Sam

“Good Sam” is a 2018 American drama film directed by Kate Melville. The film follows a TV news reporter Kate (Tiya Sircar) who, after finding a wallet on the subway, goes on a mission to find its owner. Along the way, she discovers that the owner is a Good Samaritan who has been anonymously helping people in need.

8. God’s Not Dead

A 2014 American drama film directed by Harold Cronk. The film follows college student Josh (Shane Harper), who is enrolled in a philosophy class taught by an atheist professor, Richard (Kevin Sorbo). When Josh refuses to deny the existence of God, his professor threatens to fail him and challenges him to a debate. Josh’s classmates support him in defeating the professor, emphasizing the importance of defending one’s faith in the face of criticism.

9. Come Sunday

In his film “Come Sunday,” (2018) director Joshua Marston explores the life of Reverend Carlton Pearson, a man who lost his faith after a series of events led him to question the idea of Hell. The film is a moving and powerful exploration of one man’s journey (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) to find his way back to God.

10. Show Me the Father

A documentary (2021)that explores the relationship between fathers and their children. The film follows a group of fathers as they go through the ups and downs of fatherhood, and ultimately looks at what it takes to be a good father (keeping in mind the paternal example shown by God the Father). .


When it comes to giving comfort and hope, there is nothing quite like watching a faith in God movie. These offer reminders that we all face challenges and our spiritual beliefs can go a long way in helping us to overcome them.

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