9 Movies About Finding Yourself

There are always different definitions on what it means to be “finding yourself”. Sometimes these definitions can drive you mad, and sometimes they can just make everything seem more complicated. But regardless of the definition, there is one thing that almost everyone feels while they are “finding themselves” – that there is something missing from the puzzle.

Movies About Finding Yourself

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In this movie, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play two people who, after breaking up one night, eventually find each other again. After getting together again, both characters start to realize that maybe they are in love with each other. This is where the fun begins.

2. Garden State

What if you woke up one day and realized that you were living in the wrong body? That’s the premise of this movie about a young man named Zach who wakes up one morning and realizes that he is the opposite sex from who he thought he was. This is where he begins his journey of discovering himself and decides to do whatever it takes to become the man he believes himself to be. During this discovery, he must come to terms with each and every person who was in his life.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

When you’re a freshman in high school, that’s all about just trying to figure things out. You don’t know who you are, and sometimes you wonder if people can even begin to understand the true personality of an individual. This movie is about a boy named Charlie who, at first, feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere. He’s lost and he’s confused about where his place is in this world. But as the story progresses, he meets two other “misfits” who welcome him with open arms.

4. The Social Network

Fitting into any social group can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re stuck being just one dimensional. That’s how the character of Eduardo Saverin feels in this movie where he is just one of the guys in a high school, but he doesn’t want to fit into that category.

5. 500 Days of Summer

When you fall in love, you think that person is your soul mate and everything is going to end up perfect. That’s exactly what Zooey Deschanel’s character believes about Joseph Gordon-Levitt until she realizes that she doesn’t know what kind of relationship they have anymore. She starts wondering why they even started dating in the first place and wonders if they are on their way to breaking up right now. This is where the character of Summer begins to question her life, her relationships and what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

6. The Aviator

Robert De Niro plays a very successful man in this movie where he handles most big business deals and acts as an adviser for most major events in aviation history. However, De Niro’s character starts to show signs of insanity and disassociates himself from most events so that he can spend more time with the film’s antagonist, Howard Hughes. He eventually loses his mind and tries to run away with the pretty girl in his office.

7. A Beautiful Mind

Andrew W. Knight is a great mathematician who hasn’t been able to do any decent research in his whole life. He’s been stuck doing nothing but sitting at a desk all day long for 30 years and he realizes that he needs to do something that will get his mind going. He starts to work on something else until he has an idea for a problem which will have him change his entire life forever.

8. Lucy

Every morning she trudges into her job where she is constantly being set up by her boss. She’s always angry at him and wishes that she could do something more with her life than just go to work every day in a cubicle.

9. 400 Days

Each summer camp has it’s own set of rules, but they all have one major rule in common: no one is allowed to leave during camp. Now if someone were to break this rule, what would happen? This movie is based on a group of friends that go camping, but they slowly begin to realize all the crazy things happening around them.


All of these movies provide some kind of journey, either to find oneself or a significant other. The film features a diverse range from comedy to romance to drama, so there’s something for everyone.

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