10 Movies About American Football

Movies about American football are not far and few in between. This is understandable, for it is the top sport in the United States in terms of revenue generated and viewership. Though it can be hard to sift through the endless amount of movies about American football, fear not because below is a list of amazing films that center around this brutal sport.

Movies About American Football

1. Rudy

This biographical drama stars Sean Astin as he plays the titular Rudy. The film is about a college student that is unable to play college football due to his small stature. Determined to overcome the odds and play for his dream school, Norte Dame, Rudy sets out to prove everyone wrong.

Jon Favreau co-stars and plays the unforgettable D-Bob.

2. The Express

Rob Brown plays the main character Ernie Davis in this biographical drama. Dennis Quaid rounds out the cast, playing Ben Schwartzwalder. This film centers around the legendary Ernie Davis, the first-ever African American to be awarded the Heisman trophy. An uplifting story of overcoming adversity at every turn.

3. Remember The Titans

A sports drama with an all-star cast of actors, including Denzel Washington, Nichole Ari Parker, and Will Paton. Denzel plays the role of coach Herman Boone, while Nichole Ari and Will Paton play Carol Boone and Coach Bill Yoast respectively. A true story about the struggles of an African American coach and his interracial high school football team.

4. We Are Marshall

The first 100% sports drama on this list. Matthew McConaughey plays the role of Jack Lengyel as he tries to rally a college football team and its fans after a plane crash claimed the lives of the former coach and football team. Mathew Fox as Red Dawson plays his role of assistant coach to an immaculate degree. An emotional ride with much to cheer for.

5. The Blind Side

A biographical drama about beating the odds and using football to do it. This is the story of Micheal Oher, a traumatized boy who is homeless, and how he went on to become an All-American football player and first-round NFL draft pick. All thanks to the help of a woman and her family. Quinton Aaron plays the role of Micheal Oher and Sandra Bullock plays the role of Leigh Anne.

6. Greater

The story of Brandon Burlsworth, the greatest walk-on in American college football history is depicted in this biographical family film. Neal McDonough puts on a masterful performance as Brandon Bulsworth and Leslie Easterbrook matches his energy with her interpretation of Barbara Burlsworth. An inspirational story that can’t be missed even if you tried.

7. Any Given Sunday

This film is equal parts drama and sport, providing audiences with a look behind the curtain as the importance of American football is aggrandized to epic proportions. The legendary Al Pacino plays the film’s main character Tony D’Amato and actress Cameron Diaz mesmerizes viewers with her physical appearance. She also plays the role of Christina Pagniacci.

8. Paterno

The first biographical drama on the list but not one to be missed. Penn State football coach Joe Paterno gets caught up in a sexual abuse scandal that is sure to rip and tear at his career. Al Pacino once more stars as the alleged sexual abuser Joe Paterno and his wife, Sue Paterno, is played by the incredible Kathy Baker. Expect to come away from this film in shock and anger.

9. Radio

A biographical drama that stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as the titular Radio. Radio is a developmentally challenged man that finds an outlet in American football. Football high school coach Jones, who is played by Ed Harris, notices Radio’s talent and works with Radio to use it for sporting glory. A heartwarming tale about overcoming one’s own deficiencies.

10. Invincible

The story of Vicent Papale gets its cinematic adaptation in this biographical drama that stars Mark Wahlberg as Vincent. Vicent Papale is a thirty year old bartender from South Philadelphia who wants to overcome all odds and play for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. The story takes place in 1976, an era of much greater opportunity.

American football is a brutal sport and many see it as the modern-day equivalent of gladiators in an arena. With the movies about American football listed above, you will surely understand the admiration for the sport.

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