10 Movies About Ghosts

The word “ghost” evokes images of apparitions and the dead. But for some people, especially those who are afraid of the dark or have a phobia about being alone at night, encountering an apparition can be more than just scary. Overcoming one’s fears around ghosts can be just as difficult as facing them, if not moreso. The truth is that many real-life ghosts exist, both past and present that terrify even the bravest of souls.

Movies about ghosts

Here are 10 of the best movies about ghosts:

1.The Others

Directed by Ron Howard and based on the best-selling novel by Mary Rodgers, The Others stars Nicole Kidman as a parapsychologist who studies the strange goings-on at a remote North Carolina estate. The Other makes its way to number one at the box office and has a solid legacy of being one of the best horror films of all time.

2. The Haunting

Directed by David O. Russell and based on the novel by Brian Selznick, The Haunting marks a turning point in American horror. The 1963 film follows Verity Harline, a young woman who moves into a house that is said to be haunted. Russell’s movie is famous for its haunting soundtrack, which features the iconic “Yellow brick road” sequence.

3. It Follows

Director David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows is one of the decade’s most daring and original films. It follows Jayoue Ichinose, a recent high school graduate who suspects he might be the next victim of the “it,” that is, the supernatural something that follows him. It follows the young man as he navigates the nuances of dating and social interaction while being pursued by a supernatural presence. It Follows is both a scary and a refreshing film, and it’s perfect for chilling away your lonely nights.

4. The Devil’s Backbone

In The Devil’s Backbone, an innocent young boy named Christoper is transported to the 18th century to become a doctor. There, he helps save the life of a local priest who turns out to be no ordinary priest but rather a devil. When the townspeople discover this, they conspire to have the boy exorcised. Unfortunately, the situation gets out of hand, and the villagers turn on the boy, who then murders the priest. This movie is full of spine-chilling moments, such as when the possessed priest begins to rain death from the heavens.

5. Lake Mungo

This coming-of-age tale is set on a lake in Australia, where a teenage girl named Underwood discovers that she can see the dead. After witnessing the suicide of a friend, Underwood is instantly consumed by grief and visions of the deceased. This movie contains striking images, including a beautiful watercolor sunset, a nightmarish forest, and Underwood’s family. The cast is wonderful, as is the pacing of the film. It’s a great story about finding your place in the world and how love and family can overcome even the most terrible situations.

6. R-Point

This psychological thriller is set in the snowy mountains of northern Canada. It follows the terminally ill Dr. Wayne Bradley, who is forced to confront his legacy when an epidemic breaks out in his hometown. R-Point is, at its heart, a story about legacy and how people over time shape what we see as our legacy. It’s a powerful movie, and its ending is incredibly ambiguous. You’ll never know what happens next.

7. The Woman in Black

This nail-bitingly good ghost story is based on the novel by Susan Elizabeth’s violent death, which a group of schoolchildren witnesses on a field trip. The students encounter a spirit that torments the adults, leaving the children no choice but to take the adult’s side in this epic battle of the minds. This movie contains spooky images, from foggy, snowy landscapes to black cats. The ending is one of the best in cinema history and will leave you breathless.

8. The Eye

This chilling psychological thriller follows a young couple as they move into a new house. Things are going well for a while, but the young girl starts showing signs of being “different,” including talking to herself and seeing things others don’t see. Detective Paul Spector is sent to investigate the claims, and what he uncovers is much darker than anyone could have known.

9. TThe Sixth Sense

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense is one of the best-known and most-revered of all time. It follows the story of two kids who are mysteriously aware of the presence of unseen things. When one is diagnosed with psychosend, the other is thrust into the spotlight, unsure what to make of his or her newfound gift.

10. Session 9

The brother-and-sister team wrote this psychological thriller by James and Jennifer Carpenter, best known for The Haunting in Connecticut. While their sister movie chronicled a haunted house, Session 9 is about a family’s struggle to come to terms with their ghosts. Based on the real-life kidnapping, killing, and alleged mutilation of Kristen and Elizabeth Roberts, the film is a powerful look at how families deal with the loss of a child.


One of the most powerful and terrifying experiences that can happen to someone is encountering a ghost. Ghost hunting is a fascinating hobby, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re afraid of the dark or have had bad experiences with spirits in the past, you may want to avoid this hobby. But if you’re ready to open your heart and let go of fear, there are plenty of great movies about ghosts that will help you get over it.

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