10 Movies about Giants

Everybody loves a good giant. These intimidating creatures are often used as a symbol of something threatening and uncontrollable, which is why they make for great antagonists in movies. With that said, not all movies about giants are created equal. Some just aren’t worth watching unless you have nothing better to do with your time. Thankfully, there are some worthwhile options if you’re looking for a film about these large creatures. Here are 10 great movies about giants that are well worth a watch:

Movies about Giants


This 2010 film is an adaptation of the classic story of Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. In it, Jack Black plays Gulliver, a man who travels to various strange lands. One such place is Lilliput, a kingdom where the residents are only six inches tall. Gulliver is captured by the Lilliputians and has to find a way to escape. The film has some fun slow-motion sequences that were shot with a 100 fps camera, allowing the filmmakers to slow down the action without using any visual effects. If you’ve ever wanted to see a tiny giant, this film is for you.

2. TROLL HUNTER (2010)

This film is a mockumentary about a group of hunters who have to deal with a troll problem in Norway. It’s a thoroughly entertaining film that uses clever camerawork to give the impression that it’s a documentary. The trolls themselves are genuinely scary, and the film does a great job of building suspense. It’s worth a watch if you are interested in giant monsters.


A Monster Calls is a film about a boy who deals with his mother’s terminal illness by befriending a giant tree monster. The monster tells the boy stories about his troubled past to help ease his pain. This film is better seen than reading. The imagery used in it is beautiful, and the story will stay with you long after you’ve seen it. It’s a film of hope and healing, making it well worth a watch.

4. RAMPAGE (2018)

Rampage is a film about a giant albino gorilla named George who gets infected with a deadly pathogen. The military tries to kill George, but he doesn’t go down easily. As a result, he grows bigger and more violent with each passing day. This movie has some fun nods to previous giant monster films and has great visual effects. It’s worth a watch if you’re looking for a giant movie with some action.


This film is the second installment in the Percy Jackson series. It follows the titular character, the son of the sea god, Poseidon. In this film, Percy and his friends have to find the lost Golden Fleece before an ancient evil does. They must travel to the Sea of Monsters, an ocean filled with all sorts of sea creatures, including a giant Kraken. This film is worth watching if you’re a fan of the first, as it continues the story nicely and has plenty of giant action.


Jack, the Giant Slayer, is a film that follows a prince who has to travel to a land ruled by giants after he steals a magical sword. This film is an interesting take on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk story. It features some great visual effects and has an all-star cast. This is a fun film worth a watch if you’re looking for a fairytale-like adventure with some good giant action.


Wrath of the Titans is a sequel to the film, Clash of the Titans, based on the Greek myth, Philoctetes. In this sequel, the Greek god, Zeus, is in danger. He has been imprisoned by the evil god, Hades, who has also broken an ancient seal.

8. CYCLOPS (2008)

In this film, a group of people trapped in a cave find that the only way out is through a giant man-eating Cyclops. It has a decent enough ending, but it would have been nice to see the group fight the Cyclops. This film is a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy and has some interesting visual effects. It’s a fun film that fans of giant monster movies will enjoy. This is one of those films where you’ll be left wanting more.


The Incredible Hulk is a film based on the Marvel superhero, the Hulk. In this film, Edward Norton plays Bruce Banner, a scientist who deals with a deadly disease and a dangerous alter ego: the Hulk. The film has some nice visual effects and is a good introduction to the character if you’re unfamiliar with his story. It also has a lot of giant monster action, making it worth watching if you’re looking for a film with large creatures.

10. CLOVERFIELD (2008)

Cloverfield is a film that follows a group of friends in New York City who find themselves in the middle of a giant monster attack. This film had a unique release, as the filmmakers decided to release it with almost no warning. They used viral marketing to promote the film, including a website where users could watch the film’s events unfold in real-time. This film has some great visual effects and is well worth a watch if you’re looking for a giant monster adventure.


These are 10 great movies about giants that are well worth a watch. If you’re looking for an entertaining film with a giant antagonist, one of these films should be able to scratch that itch. These films have great visual effects and interesting plots and are just fun to watch.

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