9 Movies About Grief

Ten movies about grief offer you the vibe to experience the thrilling emotions of grief and loss. We are meant to experience emotions after a loss and try to cope or move on after a painful experience. Movies about grief can help you process feelings of sadness and hurt. They can also be a distraction or a way to learn how to manage your emotions during grief. There are several movies about grief if you want to feel the vibe and feelings of sorrow or as a distraction from more grief.

Movies about Grief

1. The Virgin Suicides

The film is a drama and romance genre and R-Rated. The virgin suicides is about Five mysterious sisters from the suburbs of Detroit in the 1970s, under strict care from their religious parents. A group of male friends becomes obsessed with the girls in an attempt to win them until suicides plague. The movie’s lead actors are Kirsten starring Lux, Josh Hartnett, acting as Trip Fontaine; A. Cook, serving as Mary Lisbon; Hanna Hall, features Cecilia, Leslie Hayman working as Therese and Chelsea Swain as Bonnie.

2. A Single Man

The genre of the movie is Drama and Romance. A Single Man is about an English professor at a university. After his boyfriend passes on, he cannot cope with the loss. The Director of the movie is Tom Ford. The main actors are Colin Firth starring George, and Julianne Moore acting as Charley.

3. The Hours

The 2002 movie is a drama and romance genre. It is about the novel Mrs. Dalloway and how it impacts three generations of women. The women have to deal with the emotions of experiencing suicide. The main actors in the movie are Meryl Streep starring Clarissa; Nicole Kidman acting as Virginia and Julianne Moore, acting as Laura Brown.

4. The Wrestler

The Wrestler was released in 2008 and is rated 7.9 on IMDb. The genre of the movie is sport and drama. The film is centered on a professional wrestler struggling with life away from wrestling after retiring. Mickey Rourke, starring as Randy or the Ram, is the wrestler. Other actors include Marisa Tomei acting as Cassidy, and Evan Rachel, acting as Stephanie.

5. Revolutionary Road

it is a drama and romance movie. Revolutionary Road was released in 2008 about a young couple in Connecticut. Challenges plague the couple as they try to raise their two children. The actors starring in the couple are Leonardo Dicarpio acting Frank Wheeler, and acting as the wife is Kate Winslet with a cast name of April Wheeler.

6. The Sea Inside

Nothing brings out the grueling reality of grief than the drama and biography movie The Sea Inside. It is based on a true story about a Spaniard man called Ramon. Ramon fights for his right to die through euthanasia. Starring in the movie as Ramon Sampedro is Javier Bardem.

7. Girl Interrupted

The genre of the movie is drama and biography. It was released in 1999 and had a rating of 7.3 on IMDb. It is about a writer called Susanna Kaysen and her ordeal of an 18-month stay at a mental hospital. The leading actor in the movie is Winona Ryder starring Susanna. Other prominent actors are Angelina Jolie acting as Lisa and Clea Duvall acting as Georgina, among others.

8. Returned

The original title of the Drama, Fantasy, and horror movie is Les Revenants. The story is about the dead beginning to resurface as if they never died in a small town in France. The emotions and horror of meeting your beloved ones who you had tried hard to let go of start to haunt the residents. The main actors in the movie are Anne Consigny starring Claire; Clotilde Hesme starring Adele; and Frederic Pierrot acting as Jérome.

9. The Descendants

The descendants offer a different vibe to grief with a combination of comedy and drama. After a wife to a land baron is badly injured in a boat accident, he tries to reach out to his two daughters. The main actors in the movie are George Clooney, starring as Matt king; Sheilene Woodley acting as Alexandra and Amara Miller acting as Scottie.


To wrap up, if you are searching for movies about grief, then the above movies will trigger your emotions as you experience various characters’ struggles, sadness, and grief.

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