10 Movies About Hackers

Hackers are hard. They’re persistent, sneaky, and always have a plan for the future — but at the same time, they’re also intelligent people who know how to plan for the long-term. And that means they must explore new ground every so often to keep their hackers’ cogs in gear. And sure, some of these movies — like The Man Who Broke The Internet and The Social Network — focus more on hacking as a business process than on a hacker’s career path, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of good reasons to see a hack as a journey. From horror storytellers to action thrillers, here are ten movies about hackers that you should see.

Movies About Hackers

1. The Matrix (1999)

This sci-fi epic stars William F. Mojica as the hacker who breaks theiences of the world and turns them into a digital, global community. But the story gets going when hacker Elliot Aldrin (played by Justin Long) meets and falls in love with his neighbor, Naomi (played by Zoe Saldana). The Deep South, the white-hot Southern United States, and a host of other imagined futures are all explored in this film. It stars the talents of Channing Tatum, Piper Laurie, Jeremy Renner, and a slew of other recognizable actors and is director weathered Will Self’s eleventh film.

2. Eagle Eye (2008)

This sports biopic follows the hacker who led the battle against the Enab Massoud group and is then pursued by the group for the rest of his life. In this film, actor Robin Williams guest stars as the hacker who helped bring down the Enab Massoud organization and who are then hunted by a hitman named Mustafa. The cast includes Amber Torgerson, Joon-ho Park, and Tye extension genius Will Yun-Fei, who also co-wrote the film’s script with Miguel Arteta.

3. War Games (1983)

Blue Byte, a leading Hong Kong software developer, developed this graphic novel adaptation of the popular computer software title. The plot centers on the hacker group Enab Massoud (from the movie). They manage to infiltrate the U.S military computer network and are later tracked down by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Also, thanks to the online participation of thousands of people, a number of the group’s members are now living in the U.S. state of Georgia. The film also stars Tim Curry, J.K. Simmons, and John C. Reilly and is based on the novel The Code and the Codebreaker by David Weber.

4. Minority Report (2002)

This movie about a company called “Morphosis” that creates artificial intelligence is based on a novel written by John Saul. The plot revolves around the development of artificial intelligence, an area of artificial intelligence capable of making intelligent decisions. The movie also stars Will Smith and Julia Stiles and follows a young AI engineer, Eddington, as she attempts to make sense of the world around her.

5. Snowden (2016)

This is the film adaptation of the intelligence debate-driven novel A Message from Cuba by author Zadie Smith. In the film, an American digital freelance journalist named Chelsea Manning (played by Olivia Thirlby) is tracked down by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (from the novel). Manning and her co-workers are tasked with helping Assange break the information-sharing agreement with the United States government, which they unexpectedly and successfully break.

6. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

This is the stand-alone action thriller that follows Shane Neuhaus (played by Steven Seagal), a Swiss Army knife that is hired to defend his country against an invasion by armed factions of the Islamic State (ISIS/IS Sig). In his role as an Army veteran, Seagal also stars as a Swiss general tasked with assisting the American forces defending their embassy in Benghazi, where the terrorist attack on the U.S. facility happened.

7. Tron (1982)

This is the remake of the 1980s’ teen classic science fiction classic directed by cult sci-fi director Michael Curtiz. The plot centers on a group of teens on a space mission, and the adventures of the group’s vehicle, the spaceship Tron, as it carries them there.

8. The Fifth Estate (2013)

This is a series of fictional biographies that follow the life of New York Times reporter Dashiell Hammett (1913-2004), the man behind “The New York Times Magazine.” In the film, which also stars Julia Stiles and Frances de la tour, directed by Robin Williams, Hammett is a successful author who lives in retirement with his family in New York City.

9. 23 (1998)

This is the Seth Rumsfeld film, where the American president is saved by his employees. In this film, the plot revolves around the efforts of three co-workers — Stewart Vane, Steve Jaeger, and Homer Brinker — to save their jobs from being stolen by an employee, who is later revealed to be the alter ego of the entire company, The Co-Worst.

10. Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012)

This is the story of the 2005 Swedish newspaper attack on the WikiLeaks server by Julian Assange, the founder, and editor-in-chief of the Internet magazine WikiLeaks. This film portrays WikiLeaks as a forum for free speech and a front for U.S. government and corporate interests.


There are a lot of movies about hacking. You might even see a film about hacking in the same year as the movie you’re watching. But which ones are perfect? Above are some of the best movies about hackers.

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