9 Movies About Heaven

The question that most of us ask ourselves is what goes on after death. We wonder where our loved ones go after they die. Regardless of different religious views, people believe in the afterlife. The concept of afterlife is expressed in music, movies and stories. Here are ten movies that talk about heaven.

Movies about heaven

1. Heaven is for Real

The movie is about a small boy, Colton who talks about him going to heaven when he had to get an emergency surgery. When he went to heaven, he says to have seen Jesus together with some of his family members that had died years ago. When he explains to his pastor, the pastor doubts it. However, the pastor confesses that the description of Jesus made by Colton is similar to that of another girl who had experienced the same thing before.

2. The Horn Blows at Midnight

The movie is about a trumpeter who dreams about been sent as an angel by God. He states that he will be sent to destroy earth for their sins. The trumpeter brings God to judge His people. The heavenly judge will bring upon judgment who is not amused by actions that human beings are carrying out.

3. What Dreams May Come

Chris dis and finds himself in heaven. His wife committed suicide and Chris decided to chase his wife and is sent to hell. Chris decides to risk his soul to seek his wife in hell. When a Christian commits suicide are punished since God prohibits people from taking the life that He solely gave to them.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life

The movie talks about a businessperson who is frustrated with many life problems including business and family issues. It is during Christmas and George is thinking of taking his life. The angels are talking about George and one of them is sent to him. The angel sent to him shown him how life could be if he never existed.

5. Heaven Can Wait

The main character is a quarterback player who aims at leading super bowl. Before leading the super bowl, he gets an accident. As he is in the hospital, an angel mistakenly plucks his soul out. The angel made assumptions that the death of Joe is imminent. During afterlife, he learnt that his soul was plucked immaturely and that he had a chance to live for many more years.

6. Oh Heavenly Dog

The movie illustrates a murdered detective who wants to avenge his murder. For him to go to heaven or hell, the detective was required to solve his murder case and lock the people who murdered him. He therefore reincarnated as a dog and goes to London to find his killer. He searches for all clues possible to clear his murder case.

7. Angels in the Outfield.

The movie is based on a young boy who loves watching baseball games with his friend. He lives with his widowed father. The young boy keeps asking his dad when their family will become united again. His father responds that the family will reunite when angels win the pennant. The boy believes his dad and keeps praying to God asking him to allow the angels to win. In the next game, the angels unbelievably help his favorite team win the game.

8. Almost an Angel

The main character, Terry is a petty thief who is later involved in a car accident. When going to heaven, he is stopped by God before entering the gates. God sends him back to earth for him to correct his previous mistakes committed before he met his death. He changes his life and becomes a better person by volunteering at a kid’s shelter.

9. Bruce Almighty

Bruce has a career on TV that is not going well and gets another job where he loses it. He keeps complaining that God does not treat him well. God then gives him His powers and tells him to a better job. Bruce uses the powers for personal gain. He realizes after that many prayers are going unanswered since he is selfish.


The concept of life after death is not very explainable. Everybody has his or her concept of heaven and what happens when we die. However, movies try to give a glimpse of what to expect in the afterlife.

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