10 Movies About Human Trafficking

There are several movies about human trafficking. If you want to learn more about human trafficking, you should watch the movies often. They explore different issues that face people after they have been exposed to human trafficking. For example, there is a danger that people face when they experience issues to do with human trafficking. The movies are made in such a way that they will explore different issues that people face after being exposed to human trafficking. Here are some of the movies you may like to watch about movies about human trafficking:

Movies About Human Trafficking

1. Las Elegidas

It involves young Ulises who fall in love. They fall in love with a teen known as Sofia. He lures her into his family prostitution ring but decides to devise measures to save her. Different factors can lead to human trafficking. For example, the love between the two teens led to the issue of human trafficking. There are several issues Sofia goes through as she looks forward to escaping from the prostitution ring.

2. Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

The movie explores different issues that face the sex trade. Several young girls end up in sex trade rings that take them to different parts of the country. The movie explores issues such as crime, action, and thriller. People involved in the movie, such as directors, put in more effort to ensure the movie stands out. They explore issues such as crime that involve moving people to different parts of the world.

3. Trade of Innocents

The drama and thriller movie involves a couple grieving about their daughter’s loss. A rescue is set up where they have to deal with different issues. Throughout the movie, several issues are brought up. It is a movie that was developed to address issues that face young girls. Efforts are made to rescue girls who are sold into the sex trade and slavery.

4. Trade (I)

It is a movie about kidnapped Adriana, who is 13. She is kidnaped by Russian sex traffickers from the city of Mexico. Her brother is involved in criminal activities, and he starts looking for her. She moves across the border into Texas, where he asks the cops for help. People face a lot of challenges when looking for their missing persons. The movie explores the different issues they face as they look forward to exploring the trade.

5. Human Trafficking

It is a movie that involves mystery, drama, and crime. Those interested in exploring the movie can expect to face several twists. It involves thousands of young people who have vanished from their everyday lives. They are forced into violence and prostitution. Human trafficking is motivated by different criminal activities. The movie explores how prostitution fuels the human trafficking issue.

6. Traffickers

It is an action movie that revolves around issues such as traveling. The movie features passengers on a cruiser headed for China, and the onboard passengers have different objectives. A young Korean girl is abducted, making the movie take a twist on human trafficking.

7. Not My Life

The movie outlines the cruel nature and hostilities people face when exposed to human trafficking rings. It covers the vices in five continents where it aims to enlighten people about different issues they face as they look forward to dealing with the issue of human trafficking. Sex trafficking was rampant in post-war Bosnia. The movie goes deeper to explore the different issues that face people.

8. The Whistleblower

It falls under categories such as crime, drama, and biography. It is a drama based on the experience of Kathryn, a Nebraska cop serving as a peacekeeper in Bosnia. She is in conflict with the UN for covering up the sex trafficking scandal.

9. I am Jane Doe

It is an intense documentary that follows real cases of American girls who are enslaved in the vice of the child sex trade. Ads in a newspaper are targeted toward luring the girls into the vices.

10. Very Young Girls

The movie tackles the issue of average girls in the United States who end up in prostitution. Several issues can lead to prostitution; the movie explores the different issues that girls face making them become victims of human trafficking.

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